Nescafe - StartTalking


The only thing that all the Greeks can agree, is that they disagree. For everything. For politics, football, music, we disagree with our parents, with our friends, with our partners, with everyone. The only thing, except coffee, that can put an end to a disagreement is the vast knowledge of the internet. A quick search and you can immediately see who was right and who is wrong in various disagreements based on facts. But what happens when the differences are on subjective issues?


That’s where Nescafe platform takes place to offer a solution. We created a platform to support brand communication, with which each disagreement is an opportunity for discussion, StartTalking takes on the role of the referee in disagreements where there is no objective truth. Disagreement occurs at where anonymous visitors can easily vote with just one click. In few seconds the platform shows live odds on each side. At the same time, the platform gives the opportunity for further discussion of each dispute through comments. StartTalking was part of Nescafe's summer campaign where the audience was invited to vote for the big yes and no of all time. In this way, Nescafe manages not only to support its strategy but to gain another permanent tool for his audience.